It’s the Milan Duomo, again!

The day began with us doing our final packing. Okay, we will pack one more time tomorrow, but that is just throw the toiletries and such into the bag.

After getting done with packing, we headed out to the street and off to the Duomo (warning, lots of pictures). It was amazing inside. It certainly is dark, but there is a lot of beauty.  One case is the pillars in the cathedral. While there is nothing exciting about them, though the capitals are cool, they are massive and that alone made them special. Linda thought some of the panes of the stained-glass windows were maybe four feet tall. And the apse around the altar, though hidden for the most part was massive. So much so, that we decided to take pictures from outside to give you a feel for its size.

Dave in front of the Milan Duomo
Dave with Galleria and Milan Duomo in background
Looking at the altar in Milan Duomo from the nave
Capitals on pillars in Milan Duomo
Stained glass above main entry door and pillars in Milan Duomo; clearly there is restoration work needed and going on all the time
More detailed view of stained-glass above entry doors in Milan Duomo
Dide altar in Milan Duomo
Altar area in Milan Duomo
Altar area in Milan Duomo
Stained glass in Milan Duomo
Stained-glass in Milan Duomo
Main entry door with pillars and ceiling in Milan Duomo
Stined glass and statues in Milan Duomo
Dave and Linda in Milan Duomo
Tapestries in Milan Duomo
Chapel in Milan Duomo
Chapel in Milan Duomo
Milan Duomo
Milan Duomo
Statue in Milan Duomo – Does anyone else see Vladimir Putin here?
Organ pipes and sculpting in Milan Duomo
Stained glass window in the apse in Milan Duomo (note the people in the lower right for some reference)
Stained glass window in Milan Duomo
Capital and pillar in Milan Duomo
Floor in Milan Duomo
Statue in Milan Duomo
Sculpture in Milan Duomo
Stained glass in Milan Duomo
This confessional was specifically for German, French, English, and Spanish speakers in Milan Duomo
There are six confessional booths visible in the picture in Milan Duomo
Ceiling in Milan Duomo
Just about everything is here, pillar, capital, and ceiling (only missing stained glass) in Milan Duomo
Carvings just outside of Milan Dumo
Sculptures and multi-colored stone outside of Milan Dumo
Sculptures outside of Milan Dumo
Dave’s guessing Daniel in the Lion’s Den – sculpture outside Milan Dumo
Window in apse directly behind the altar in Milan Dumo
Milan Duomo apse window with roof spires
Spires on Milan Duomo roof with gilded Madonna
Gilded Madonna on top of Milan Duomo

After we left the Duomo, we visited a few stores and did some shopping. We got some more groceries to come home with us.

We went back to the apartment, relaxed, and waited for the cleaning person to show up. She came about 12:30 (checkout was 12:00). We made arrangements to leave our bags until 15:00. So, we set out to find the train station and to get some lunch. We were successful on both accounts. Rather than walk to the train station, again, we decided we’d get a taxi when we left.

Lunch was at a restaurant called Anna Muse’s Workshop (All’officino di Anna Muse). Dave had a club sandwich while Linda built a bowl with a variety of salad ingredients.

Linda’s make-it-yourself salad bowl
Dave’s club sandwich at lunch

We walked back to the apartment, collected our items and headed to Milan-Malpensa airport on the train. It was a quick 37-minute trip and went very well.

When we arrived at the airport, our next activity was to find the shuttle bus to the Hilton Garden Inn. Yes, this is the first and only hotel on the trip. We did this to be closer to the airport tomorrow morning.

Once at the hotel, it really hit us that we were done with our vacation. Dinner was in the hotel restaurant and bedtime came early. For some reason Dave was not able to complete his online check-in. “Government regulations require review of physical documents.” We had no trouble getting Linda checked in online, so it seems she’ll go home, we’ll see about Dave. We are on the first shuttle to the airport at 07:30 to get that resolved and get through security/immigration before the flight at 11:30.

If you would like to see the pictures larger or in more detail, you can click here: 2022-10-11 Milan.

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