Wow, that was quick Siena; looking forward to Cinque Terre

After finishing yesterday’s Siena blog, Dave left to find some breakfast breads. Our host left peach jam and milk for coffee so we ate at the house.

We should have included this yesterday. This is the courtyard outside our Siena Airbnb (our apartment is where the wooden doors in the center-left are

We left for the 20-minute walk to the train station, including five long levels of moving walkways/escalators, and quickly found our train platform. As usual in the Tuscan region of Italy, Siena is a bit hilly. Dave was particularly annoyed when our train left nearly 20 minutes late and we only had a 14-minute connection for the next train. It turns out we made up a little time and between the last two stations our next train lost time, so it worked out okay. Lots of stops and a couple of trains later, we arrived in Corniglia (part of Cinque Terre).

Communities along train line
We were afraid we wouldn’t see a church today
Some significant graffiti in the La Spezia train station
travel can be tough these days
Vire from Train
Between Riomaggiore and Manarola
Between Riomaggiore and Manarola
Between Riomaggiore and Manarola

It was not raining here which was a pleasant surprise. We left the Corniglia train station and took the bus up to town because it just felt like too much elevation to walk with two suitcases and two backpacks. Picture Dave when we do the train – he takes the suitcases whenever we go up or down stairs and onto the train, including lifting them up to the storage area over our seats. We should be in great shape when we return home!

Following a video that our host sent us on WhatsApp, we made our way from the bus stop to our apartment. It was all uphill, of course, except for the steps down to the steps up to the apartment building. We had a little confusion about which unit was ours. It was a first floor versus floor zero thing, though this time first floor meant first floor.  The apartment is nice and we have some good views.

Corniglia apartment – kitchen
Corniglia apartment – living area with bathroom on left and bedroom on right
Corniglia apartment – Bathroom
Corniglia apartment – Bedroom
Corniglia apartment – View from balcony
Corniglia apartment – view from living room
Corniglia apartment balcony from city center

We found the town to be very busy and very small. We knew that by 20:00, the tourists would vacate the area. Many of them seemed to be here for the day because you could hear them saying, “Okay, well, we saw 4 out of 5 of the Cinque Terre towns”. Corniglia is in the center of this much-hiked place and because they have no harbor, it is the quietest. And, that is why we chose it.

View from Corniglia city central

We hadn’t eaten since breakfast so at 17:00 we looked for a place to have a glass of wine and discuss our plans for the three days we’ll be here. Tomorrow may be a wash-out due to forecasted rain, but it won’t stop us from seeing all five of these towns. They each seem to have their own particular focus, but the charm of each one is something we don’t want to miss. We have two to the northwest and two to the southeast.

Dave enjoying his wine and aperitivo

After a half-liter of wine and salty snacks at Caffe Matteo, thinking we would have pasta, Linda nixed the plan and went Italian on us! Dave was a good sport about it as we made our way to Lisa’s Market (one of three small grocery markets in Corniglia) to buy milk, crackers, two deli meats, two deli cheeses, some small Roma tomatoes, and a few green olives. The meat was prosciutto and local salame; the cheese was pecorino and local cow’s cheese. We stopped at another market and bought a bottle of local white wine and had them open it for us in case we had no wine-opener. He did not seem to think that this was a strange request!

Young man at market helpin us to open our bottle of wine (he’s not a Yankee fan; this is just stuff I got as a gift from a friend in New York)
Nice sunset in Corniglia

Back at the house, Linda prepared a platter of all the goodies, Dave found the wine glasses and we sat on the balcony in view of the sunset to enjoy the evening. Everything outside quieted down, just as we expected. It got a bit chilly, so we retreated inside to watch the BBC news (first English-speaking TV of the trip) and work on the blog.

Tonight’s do it yourself dinner – crackers, prosciutto, local cow cheese, local salami, tomatoes, pecorino cheese, olives
Dinner on apartment balcony
Beautiful sunset in Corniglia
Sunset in Corniglia
Corniglia sunset
One last look at the sunset in Corniglia

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