Sunday in Orvieto

Well, it’s Sunday, so you know what that means … it’s time to go to the Duomo where the service is in Italian.  Nothing like going to a church that isn’t your faith that you can’t understand.  Actually, we were able to follow along with parts of the service and, while, maybe, we shouldn’t have, we went up and took communion.  Linda says God will forgive us.  In addition to the pictures below, here are some recordings for you to get a feel for the service and its music.

Orvieto Duomo – Altar during mass
Orvieto Duomo = Altar during mass
Orvieto Duomo – Altar after service
Orvieto Duomo – Pipe Organ pipes
Orvieto Duomo – Altar after mass
Orvieto Duomo – Statues in Rear of Sanctuary
Orvieto Duomo – Rear of Sanctuary
Orvieto Duomo – St. Thomas statue after mass
Orvieto Duomo – Rear of Sanctuary with statues and stained glass after mass

After church Linda and Dave went back to the apartment and Jim cooked fried eggs and potatoes for breakfast. They tasted so good. We hadn’t had an “American” breakfast since we left home over three weeks ago.

We decided to take advantage of the sunny skies, before they turned cloudy, and took a walk around town. Jim went with us to Pam, the grocery store, to get Manitoba flour to augment the flour we got yesterday at Coop for bread. Linda also found a chocolate-lemon bar that she had to have. It is so easy to find something you “just have to try” when you walk into one of the stores.

Jim took the groceries back to the apartment and we continued our walk. We saw a few new areas of Orvieto, just beyond where we had been. The town was crowded with the various tour groups that descended on it. We decided that having a coffee drink and small pastries at a table on one of the streets would be nice. It would be a nice break and we could take in both the local scene and the tourists (it is interesting how we have separated ourselves from groups of tourists).

Orvieto – Chiesa di Sant’Andrea
Linda and the scenery in Orvieto
Selfie and scenery in Orvieto
Steeple and rooftops in Orvieto
Rooftops and landscapes of Orvieto
Street scene in Orvieto
Orvieto Duomo
Statue above main door of Orvieto Duomo
Front of Orvieto Duomo
Main entry door of Orvieto Duomo
Frescos above side door of Orvieto Duomo
Frescos above side entry door at Orvieto Duomo
Latte Macchiato with extra shots and mini cannoli (chocolate and chocolate & pistachio) at L’Officina del Gelat in Orvieto

When we returned to the apartment, we spent the afternoon in relaxation mode.  We did very little, except sit at the kitchen table, look at computers, and talk. It was nice.

Anne prepared a delicious meal of bucatini in olive oil with zucchini, mushrooms, and zucchini flowers. Dave, who is not a huge zucchini fan, loved the meal and found himself back for seconds. The zucchini flowers were a real surprise for all of us. They were so good.

Deconstructed Caprese salad with rocket (arugula) and bucatini with zucchini, mushrooms, and zucchini flowers

Linda and Dave left at about 20:45 to see if any gelato shops were open. We found two of them and decided they needed to support them on a Sunday night. So, we each had a piccolo cup.  Linda had chocolate with hazelnut and hazelnut and chocolate (yes, they are different). Dave had chocolate with hazelnut and Stracciatella (vanilla chocolate chip).

We ate the gelato while we walked back to the apartment.  We then did a couple of “maintenance” activities like keeping track of expenses and then went to bed.

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