First full day in Orvieto

We were out of house 9am and grabbed croissants and cappuccinos and headed for the outdoor market which is open from 07:00 to 13:00. Between Jim, Anne, and ourselves, we bought some very red tomatoes, young yellow string beans, apricots, dried mango, an oblong fruit with thorns (10 of which are still in Linda’s fingers), and three kinds of plums And, the oblong was full of seeds. Bummer.

Orvieto market
Orvieto market
Orvieto market vendors
Cheese and salted cod vendor at market
Dried fruit and nuts vendor
Prickly pear fruit

Back at the apartment, we got ready for the day then went out exploring. We checked out some shops and in between, Jim and Anne told stories of some of the fun they are having here.

Orvieto architecture
Orvieto architecture
Altar area
Virgin Mary statue
Santa Andrea statue
Orvieto architecture
Orvieto architecture
Orvieto architecture

Knowing of our love for craft beer, we walked to the only microbrewery in town. After a bit of a fiasco regarding seating, we decided not to eat there (and neither Jim, Anne, nor we will ever likely return) and finished our drinks in the bar. Linda’s was the most unusual – a Milk Stout made with goat’s milk. It was good!

Linda with her goat milk stout

We chose to go to another restaurant that Jim and Anne had not previously tried, Antica Bottega al Duomo. This time it was a great decision.  Linda and Anne each had salad, Jim had pappardelle with cinghiale (wild boar), and Dave had a panino with ham and mozzarella. The waiter gave us a gift of almond biscotti and a small carafe of white wine to dip the cookies in.

Dave’s ham and mozzarella panino
Linda’s salad
Jim’s pappardelle with cinghiale
Servers at lunch

And as if that wasn’t enough, we walked a bit farther to Montanucci’s to enjoy various espresso drinks while Dave signed in to get internet to send yesterday’s blog.  Jim and Anne are having problems with their internet provider, so we have to find internet access elsewhere.

We returned to the apartment relaxed and Anne made a delicious pasta meal with caprese salad.  We then took a walk around town about 21:00 and found that it was very empty tonight.  It made for a very calm walk.  We returned to the apartment and called it a day.

Orvieto Cathedral at night

We are getting in Orvieto just what we were hoping for, a relaxing visit.

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